How to Get Started with Game Development?


How would you feel if you could change your reality and create a whole new one? A reality which is maybe based in space with asteroids attacking a spaceship! Or maybe a reality-based in the ocean where you try to fight pirates!
Well, creating a new reality is not possible in the real world but it is definitely possible in the world of Game Development. And the popularity of Game Development is only increasing. This can be because video games are becoming more and more popular and people now want to not only participate in these worlds but also create them!!!

So if you want to know How to Get Started with Game Development, this article is perfect for you as it will teach you the basics and provide you with various resources that will take you further on your journey.

What is Game Development?

Simply speaking, Game Development is the overall process of creating a video game. And if you thought that making a video game is as easy as playing one, well it’s not!!! There are many components while creating a game such as Story, Characters, Audio, Art, Lighting, etc. that eventually merge together to create a whole new world in a video game!!! This process of Game Development for commercial games is funded by a publisher (a rich company!) but independent video games are comparatively cheaper and smaller so they can be funded by individuals also (That can be you!).

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things we.

Is Being a Good Game Player necessary for Game Development?

There are many people who assume that if they are good Game Players then they will definitely be good in Game Development. Well, don’t make that mistake!!! If you are a good Game Player then you have some advantage because you already know something about game stories, players, levels etc. But that’s it! Actually Game Playing and Game Development are very different fields and the skills you acquire in the former will not necessarily help you in the latter. For example: If you love movies, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a good movie director!!! So get into Game Development only if you are passionate about game programming and really want to develop a game for fun(Loving game playing is just a bonus!).

What are the Different Components in Game Development?

There are many different components in Game Development that can either be handled by a single developer who is individually creating a game (and who is a genius!!!) or normally by a team of multiple people. So if you want to get started with Game Development, it’s best to first understand the various components in this field so that you can identify the ones that most interest you.

1. Story: Everything has a story and that is equally true for video games!!! Your story can have a linear structure which is relatively easy, or it can even have a non-linear structure with various plot changes according to character actions. The main point is that there should be an interesting story to hook your players!!!

2. Characters: Do you know any story without characters? No! That’s because, after the story, the characters are a fundamental part of any video game. You have to decide the looks and personalities of the characters, how fast they should move, what should be manners and characteristics etc.

3. Audio: It is the backbone of video games!!! That means it should support the game and yet not be too obvious! You have to decide the various sounds in the game world like player sounds, background music, etc. that together create a lifelike and believable video game.

4. Art: It can be said that video games are basically just responsive art!!! So art is very important as it decides the feel of the game. Normally art in video games can include various things like the game texture, game lighting, 3D modeling of characters and objects, particle systems to create fire, fog, snow, etc.

5. Lighting: All the lighting in video games is obviously artificial and very important for mood setting. Less lighting can be used in association with horror or thriller games while increased lighting can denote more adventure or fun games. Also, lighting can be an important factor in stealth challenges with darker areas providing cover to characters.

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